It turns out that fitness men love to play with this kind of fitness equipment, it's simply...

Time:2021-06-15 00:00:00

I remember when I first started exercising

Just wearing ordinary home vest pants

Then I gradually became serious about this matter

I bought real fitness equipment one after another

Multifunctional supine board, multifunctional weightlifting bed...

Among them, the better body sculpting effect is

Multifunctional supine board produced by Dabang fitness equipment manufacturer

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However, there are many things that need to be paid attention to during the use of the supine board. Based on years of experience in fitness equipment manufacturing, Dabang has summarized the following points for attention:

One: the correct use of the supine board

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturer reminds you: as a kind of body relaxation fitness equipment, the supine board has entered thousands of households. After you buy it, do you really know the correct use of the supine board?

1. The correct exercise method:

1) Sit-ups (mainly exercise the six muscles of the abdomen, quickly consume abdominal fat)

2) Back-retraction exercise (mainly exercises the back related muscles, which is also the main method to relieve lumbar muscle strain)

3) Lie on your back (mainly exercise the abdomen and thigh muscles)

2. Auxiliary exercise method:

Bend your waist down, stand your legs upright, hang your arms and head in the air, don't force your hands to touch the ground, relax your muscles as much as possible, and then naturally stretch the muscles of your back and legs, stop for about one minute, and repeat 3 times.

3. Correct sitting posture:

When sitting on a chair, be sure to sit on the entire chair surface. Because only then can the entire back be supported and the spine bones can be straightened.

If you only sit on a part of the chair surface, after a long time, your back is easy to bend, and lumbar muscle strain will slowly erode your back fascia.

Remember: the goal of abdominal training is muscle endurance, not muscle and strength. Finally, remember to stretch your muscles after exercise.

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Two: the specific practice of sit-ups

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturer reminds you: When doing sit-ups, people should lie down, relax, lower their center of gravity, put their hands on their ears, and get up slowly. Tighten your abdominal muscles and pause for a while. You should roll your abdomen, and then slowly lower your body back to its original position. The speed should not be too fast. After you practice for a period of time, it feels easy to do so, and you can make yourself more difficult. You can put the barbell (the weight is set by yourself) on your chest. After a period of exercise and feel relaxed, you can put the barbell behind your head and hold it with your hands. When you exercise, you should use your waist as a support. Frequent practice sit-ups will not only give you a charming waist curve, but also a healthier body and mind. However, when you practice, your feet have fewer fulcrums, so you have to exert more abdominal strength. If you want to quickly achieve the effect of beautiful abdomen, this action should be practiced every day. Make a fitness plan for yourself. Use a stopwatch to time your fixed rest time, but remember to make it step by step. Don't rush for quick success or get hot tofu in a hurry. Before exercise, move your body and move the joints of your body to avoid injury. Bend your knees to avoid injury to your waist. To proceed step by step, the speed should not be too fast, just moderate

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