Completely subvert our "common sense", this is the real image of exercise...

Time:2021-06-16 00:00:00

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Specifically: Multifunctional supine board (Dabang is a famous supine board manufacturer in Zhejiang Province), multifunctional weightlifting bed, waist beauty machine, treadmill, trampoline, dumbbell bench

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01. Although low-intensity exercises such as jogging and brisk walking are good for our health, their energy consumption is very low, which is horribly low.

02. People who look thin are not necessarily "skinny", they may have more visceral fat, and their health problems may be more serious than fat people

03. Short-term high-intensity exercise, the effect is comparable to long-term gentle exercise.

Low-intensity aerobic exercise does not bring us the fat loss effect we imagined. Healthy fat loss requires us to combine anaerobic exercise to improve our collective metabolic capacity

And aerobic exercise improves our overall consumption.

Many people who do not exercise do not seem to be fat, but their visceral fat content is high. These visceral fats are more harmful to our body. In order to get rid of these extra

The visceral fat, even though it is not fat, needs to be exercised.

Losing weight first requires an active attitude towards life, and secondly, fitness in the gym. When you increase the amount of activities in your daily life, such as walking more,

By standing, instead of sitting still, your energy expenditure will increase unconsciously.

The following Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers recommend a set to everyone

High Intensity Fat Loss Tabata Exercise

20 seconds per action

Rest for 10 seconds between actions

8 actions in a group

Do four sets at a time

Makes you sweaty and sour

Bobby jump

Jump lunge squat




push ups




Open and close jump


High leg up


Russian swivel




Dabang fitness equipment manufacturer reminds you: In fact, losing weight is not the ultimate goal of our fitness. Having an active exercise enthusiasm and returning to a healthy lifestyle is the essence of fitness.