Does fitness equipment also need daily maintenance? Fitness equipment manufacturers recommend basic maintenance methods, hurry up and use them

Time:2021-06-13 12:00:00

The fitness storm is becoming more and more prevalent, people’s living standards are improving, and more and more attention is paid to health. Many people choose to buy fitness equipment such as supine boards and weight benches produced by Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers to save time. They choose exercise equipment for fitness. , It can double the effect of fitness, and it can also save the trouble of choosing a place to exercise. The supine board manufacturer Dabang reminds you that you need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance at this time, so why should sports fitness equipment pay attention to maintenance?

Sports fitness equipment needs correct maintenance to be used for longer, and it is safer when used to avoid danger during exercise. In addition, it can also reduce maintenance costs. In short, fitness equipment manufacturers believe that sports equipment Maintenance is very necessary.

Ten reasons why fitness equipment manufacturers give you maintenance

1. Maintenance can increase the service life of fitness equipment. According to statistics from supine board manufacturers, the average service life of equipment that has been regularly maintained is at least 3 years longer than that of fitness equipment that has never been maintained;

2. Maintenance can ensure normal operation and reduce the failure rate; according to statistics, 80% of the failures of fitness equipment that have not been maintained can be found in time before the failure, if found and dealt with in advance, the failure or expansion can be avoided;

3. The maintenance fees and spare parts of fitness equipment manufacturers are expensive, and maintenance can increase the service life of equipment components, thereby reducing the number of repairs and saving repair costs;

4. The cost of on-site labor for equipment manufacturers can range from a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan (this cost is incurred but may not be able to eliminate the fault). After signing the maintenance agreement, our company can waive labor costs, travel costs and maintenance costs, thereby saving A lot of unnecessary expenditures before rush repairs;

5. Maintenance can save electricity; according to statistics, the power consumption of fitness equipment for maintenance can save up to 20%;

6. Maintenance reduces blindness and passivity in maintenance work, improves pertinence and initiative; avoids unnecessary costs;

Seven, maintenance can grasp the hidden dangers of fitness equipment in advance; thereby reducing the workload of emergency repairs after failures and shortening the repair time;

8. Regular maintenance of motors, electronic controls, and machinery can prevent problems before they occur, and reduce personal injuries caused by circuit and mechanical failures (circuit short-circuit, leakage, and mechanical shedding) of fitness equipment;

9. Maintenance keeps the machine new for a long time, and the machine runs more smoothly, making the fitness equipment more enjoyable and maneuverable;

10. According to reliable statistics, every 2 yuan spent on fitness equipment maintenance can save 8 yuan in maintenance costs.

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturer and supine board manufacturer believe that fitness equipment is the same as human beings. Human fitness is the best way to maintain one's body. Fitness equipment also requires daily maintenance to extend its life.