Fitness equipment manufacturers, 99% of the people will encounter seven fitness mistakes, have you been recruited?

Time:2021-06-16 00:00:00

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I believe that many people will have some situations like this in the process of fitness, such as: exercising, the weight does not decrease but increases... Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers summarize years of experience in fitness equipment manufacturing, and summarize the following points that everyone is most likely to commit. Misunderstanding:

1. Practice wherever you want to lose weight

This should be something that many people will encounter. For example, if you want to lose weight, do sit-ups desperately. In fact, fat loss is systemic. There is no scientific research showing that exercise

For a certain muscle, the fat around that muscle will be reduced, so fat loss should also be systemic. Don't just practice wherever you want to lose weight.

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers remind you: whole body muscle exercise, swimming, running, skipping rope, elliptical machine, spinning, aerobics, dancing, etc. are all very important for reducing body fat.

It helps, of course, including the belly.

2. The more sweat, the better the effect

Many people who work out are very worried about why they sweat so little when they work out. Some people even exercise tightly to reduce fat. In fact, sweating is not directly related to the fitness effect.

Yes, sweating is just a form of lowering body temperature. It is not a product of fat burning. All sweat comes from body fluids and the water that exists in the cells.

Copies. What really determines the effect of your exercise is your training intensity. So a big fat man lying under the summer sun will not lose weight even if he sweats a lot.

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturer reminds you: when running, the speed is moderately increased, the time is longer, and the weight and number of sets of strength training are well controlled. This is the decision.

The key to determining the fitness effect.

Three, can't breathe, hold back a flushed face

In fitness, the intensity of physical activity is several times that of daily, and the demand for oxygen is also much greater. Once your breathing is wrong, disorderly, and ingested

If there is not enough oxygen, then it will certainly not be able to exert the greatest strength to achieve greater tearing of muscle fibers. If you can master the correct breathing method, you can greatly slow down

The accumulation of lactic acid will minimize your soreness during fitness. When you grasp the rhythm of your body and breathing, you can find it in training

The feeling of running clouds and flowing water, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the fitness effect and self-feeling good.

When you are doing strength training, when you perform an exercise action, inhale when the body is more relaxed (the node with less force), and when the body is more tense

Wait (the node with greater force) to exhale. This is a more correct breathing rhythm. For example, when you do a barbell bench press, inhale when the barbell is lowered, and exhale when you lift it up.

Talking about the breathing rhythm above.

But this way of exhaling and inhaling with the action is not suitable for all training actions. For example, when you are doing abdominal exercises, a lot of rotation and pedaling speed

All are relatively fast. If you breathe once according to a movement, it is obviously too fast and goes against normal physiological activities. Dabang supine board manufacturer reminds you that at this time, you need

I want you to forget about the method of breathing with the action, and instead breathe in rhythm. Take a chestnut, the pedaling action of your feet during the abdominal muscle exercise is too fast.

You can't breathe with the action. This is what you can change into, counting the rhythmic breathing in your heart: 12 breaths, 34 breaths, 12 breaths, 34 breaths... Suitable for you

The breathing method needs to be mastered by yourself.

Fourth, only practice the parts you like

There is a saying in the fitness circle "novices practice chest, veterans practice back", because too many people only pay attention to the visible parts, in fact, the body is a whole, only all-round

Only the best training can maximize the results. Long-term single-part training may make the body uncoordinated, make the body muscles unbalanced, cause many posture problems, and affect the whole body.

The beauty of the body. Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers please remember that chest muscles, abdominal muscles and arms are good-looking parts, but training on the back and legs can promote the body’s hormone levels

, It is also very important for muscle growth in other parts.

Five, simply work hard to complete the number and number of groups

Don't complete the count without conception and weight adjustment. Take 5 kg and take 20 kg, both want to complete 10, resulting in the light weight group, the intensity is stimulating

The group that is not enough, but too heavy, due to lack of strength and inability to complete the formation of irregular movements, borrowing force and other perfunctory training behaviors, the same can not achieve effective stimulation

The purpose of muscles. Those who are more capable, and those who don’t have any basic exercises, can’t use the same set of abdominal muscle training, and do 20 exercises as described in the instructions.

You should slow down the training to ensure that every movement is correct, especially the contraction movement, to feel the muscle contraction force.

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers remind you that exhaustion is the final signal, not the number. Increase the muscle circumference, so that the training can be achieved under the condition of heavier weight and fewer numbers.

To exhaustion (for example, 5-8), highlight the muscle lines, so that the training can reach exhaustion (15-20) with a small load and multiple numbers. Therefore, no matter what the weight is

It is not correct to require a certain amount of quantity and any action.

Six, do not calculate calories

According to statistics, 99% of bodybuilders don’t calculate calories at all.

It is fat loss. Daily calories are the most noteworthy indicators. If fat loss calories exceed the standard or muscle gain calories are not enough, it is difficult to achieve fitness effects.

So you can search the Internet for a basal metabolism calculator, and then calculate your daily calorie requirements. Although the calculation is only a rough value, it is much better than random eating.

In addition, muscle gain should be 10-20% more calories than daily needs, and fat loss should be 10-20% less.

Seven, copy someone else’s fitness plan

Many bodybuilders have their own fitness goals. For example, many bodybuilders want to become Lazar, so they check how they exercise, what they eat, and even supplements.

What brand and so on.

In fact, individual physical fitness, physique, and goals are different. Everyone’s exercise plan is different. Your training intensity can’t be the same as the international first-line fitness gods.

, If you copy the training plan of the Great God, you may give up or get injured because you can't keep up with the intensity.

Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers remind you that fitness should start from the basics, and stick to it, slowly accumulate fitness knowledge, and learn to formulate fitness programs by yourself. This is fitness.

The truth.