Unexpectedly you are such a fitness equipment manufacturer, come and watch

Time:2021-06-16 12:00:00

Every time Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers sell their products, they will tell the consumers thousands of times that people’s skin needs to be maintained through equipment, and fitness equipment also needs daily maintenance. Every time they see other people’s fitness equipment at home, they will be aired. Clothes, pets trampled, and I felt really uncomfortable.

Having said that, Dabang fitness equipment manufacturers just want to introduce you to the daily maintenance methods of fitness equipment. It is up to me whether you love it or not. After all, you are rich and self-willed (I feel like you have leaked a big secret)

General maintenance rules for fitness equipment manufacturing

1. Daily maintenance: inspection and cleaning are indispensable

1. Check whether the operating mechanism, transmission system, speed change mechanism and safety protection of fitness equipment are sensitive and reliable;

2. Check whether the loose, detached and broken parts of the fitness equipment are normal;

3. Check the lubrication of the bearing parts of the fitness equipment, and add destined quality and quantitative lubricating oil at regular and fixed points;

4. Check the fitness equipment for corrosion, bumping, pulling, breakage, oil leakage, and current leakage.

5. Check whether the configuration accessories and repair tools of the fitness center equipment are complete.

6. Use designated cleaning agents and cleaning tools to clean the surface of the equipment and the easily contaminated parts.

2. Weekly maintenance

1. According to the usage of fitness equipment, clean some parts;

2. Make appropriate adjustments to some of the fit gaps of fitness equipment;

3. Remove the rust spots and oil stains on the surface of the fitness equipment, check and adjust the lubricating oil circuit to ensure smooth flow and no leakage.

4. Clean the electrical box, motor, electrical device and transmission device to be fixed and tidy, and the safety protection device is firm.

5. Clear the accessories of fitness equipment.

Third, the annual maintenance method

1. Perform partial disassembly inspection of fitness equipment according to the use of fitness equipment;

2. Clean and change oil for various transmission boxes or transmission systems, hydraulic tank cooling tanks, and the oil quality and quantity must meet the requirements to ensure normal lubrication;

3. Repair and replace vulnerable parts;

4. Overhaul electrical boxes, motors, and refurbish circuits; 5. Check, adjust, and restore accuracy and calibration levels.


The fitness equipment manufacturer reminds you: remember to record the condition of the equipment yourself after each maintenance, so as to understand its performance, which aspect needs to be maintained, and if you have time or convenience, you can make a fitness equipment registration card by yourself. , And then make a file to record some problems and maintenance measures recorded at different times on a regular basis.

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